February/March Mashup

Andrew went to Mardi Gras with Tracy and Brent!
While he was out of town we did this…
We saw the Cirque du Soleil show Kurios. It was of course amazing and weird! 
This video shows a good sampling of what we saw. 
We had a mom play date with our birth class friends. Here are our pictures over the last 2 years. It’s rare that all five of us are able to get together at once.
Andrew and I had a wonderful date night downtown.
Aiden loves to watch the Olaf and Sven trailer for Frozen. It’s dark and blurry but his laughter is what’s good.

Rambo and Aiden had a great play date. They shared fruit and ate pizza while the parents had to to very little. It was nice.
The weather had been getting better so we’ve been able to spend more time outside.

 Aiden has mastered spotting planes. Even when we’re inside he’ll say “I hear plane!”

We went to Elise’s Trailer Trash Birthday Bash where Andrew’s Mardi Gras attire was put to to good use.

 Aiden and Andrew both spent some time with this little lady.

 And everyone had fun outside.