The Deck (Before)

Our deck has been rotting out from under us since we bought our place. We refinished it when we moved it to maintain it a little longer. But it’s been unusable for about 2 years now. We started stepping through it, the grill started to sink into it, you couldn’t lean on the rail, and we just stopped going out there altogether. 
Here’s what we were working with… 

 The rails came down first. I came home one day and just found them missing, thanks to Andrew.
Then be pulled off all the decking section by section. before pulling all the joists down. After that we gave the beam/posts a nudge and the just fell over. 
 In general, it probably came apart easier than it should have. Hauling it all to the Uhaul and taking it to the dump was definitely the worst part. But it was so exciting to see it go!