The Deck (After)

This project was so overdue (along with this post) and we probably talked about it for 2 years before finally getting to it. We were initially deterred by trying to get quotes and then the outrageous quotes when we did get them. Some places wanted $700 for just a deck plan!? It’s a rectangle. We already have a plan, we just weren’t sure taking on all the work ourselves (+ toddler) was going to be realistic.
We finally came across the perfect referral. A contractor who was willing to take on some side work and had no issue with us doing some of the work. I drew up the plans, had them approved by the HOA and work began.
 Once Jon finished the framing Andrew and I laid the decking. Andrew did most of the cutting and I did most of the laying. Tom and Emily with Kelly’s assistance were wonderful enough to take Aiden for 24 hours so that we could work nonstop and finish in a weekend. We were successful and sore afterwards. 
We used Trex which required leaving gaps between the boards for weather expansion. Those are our blue spacers laying all over the place.
After we finished the decking Jon came back to put the rails up.
It’s so amazing to have our outdoor space back and Aiden can safely go out there an play now!