The Last of the Carpet! (almost)

We replaced the carpet with wood floors on the main level about 3 years ago and added wood floors in our bedroom shortly after moving. So there was only carpet left in the 2nd bedroom and the loft. We ordered wood flooring for both a few weeks ago and this past week we’ve gotten the 2nd bedroom/hallway nearly done. That is our priority before baby #2 arrives and if we get the loft complete as well, then great (but we’ll just see).  
Here’s an idea of what the room was before.
We spent the weekend ripping up the old carpet and then shifting all the furniture to one end of the room. We started the new floor along the window wall of the room so that we would end inside the closet. This way if we ended up a little crooked it wouldn’t be noticeable. Typically it’s recommended you run your flooring the length of the room but we wanted to run the flooring the length of the hallway so this made more sense and also matched the direction we ran the flooring in our room. 
We have a manual floor nailer, but we rented a pneumatic nailer for a day to get a majority of it done. Once we were a little under halfway across the room we shifted the bed back onto the new flooring. 
When we reached the doorway Andrew made his way down the hall with the flooring. This took quite a bit of planning, measuring, and maneuvering. I left that to him, while I continued in the bedroom.  
 Aiden would wake up from his nap or come home from daycare to check on our progress. He knew exactly how to help. He would also get excited about how much was done and then point out how “it not finished yet?!” or “you get more stuck!”
Once we reached the closet, Andrew had to do more planning and measuring. We still have a little more to complete in the hallway but paused there to spend our time getting the bedroom complete so that Aiden could go back to sleeping in there as soon as possible. I think he ended up only needed to sleep in our room 3 nights. 
After all the flooring was laid in the bedroom, I was able to put all the door trim and baseboards back. As I did all this yesterday afternoon, I got to the very last piece of 3″ trim and I somehow managed to put a nail through my finger with the nail gun. I didn’t even realize I did it immediately. I felt nothing, just confusion as to why the baseboard wasn’t attached to the wall. Then I saw it. I called Andrew and kept him on the phone while I drove myself to the ER and he met me there. I was afraid that if I waited for him to come home panic would set in, I would pass out, the pain would kick in, etc. By the time I got to the ER the pain was definitely setting in but luckily for me no bleeding. Andrew was just a few minutes after me. They numbed my finger with a nerve block and after xrays pulled it out with pliers. Andrew watched, I couldn’t. I appreciated his comment “they pull that out just like you would if it was in a wall.” There was no bone fracture and I can still bend my top knuckle, so all and all, as far as putting a nail in your finger the outcome was the best it could be. Here’s the real finger pic if you want to see.

So I glued the last piece of trim to the wall today…

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