Aiden’s 3!

We had a park party planned for Aiden’s 3rd Birthday. Unfortunately, he ended up sick that day (and only that day) so we postponed the party for two weeks later. Despite the rain and being indoors the toddlers had a great time with each other! We had snacks and a ridiculous amount of mini cupcakes to consume. 
Aiden got his gift from Granny and Papo early, so that he could enjoy it before the weather got to rainy everyday. He’s hasn’t got the concept of steering so we put him in the yard and set the wheel as far left as we can for now. 
Aiden is pretty much potty trained at this point, mostly by his own choice. He woke up one Saturday a few months ago and declared that he would wear underwear. So he did. With little prompting and a few accidents, he’s worn underwear everyday since. He uses a pull up at night and most the time it’s dry when he wakes up, but for those rare occasions he doesn’t I’d prefer to avoid the laundry and cleanup. He has started asking SO many questions. Just in the last week “Why?” is the new favorite. What Andrew and I really enjoy is that he will tack on “or no?” to the end of all his questions… Are we going to eat dinner, or no? Is that my cup, or no? My baby brother come out tomorrow, or no? His imagination runs wild and his personality is getting stronger everyday. It’s pretty fun. He pretends our bed is a car and drives us to daycare or work. He recently put Andrew in timeout and took his phone away from him. He loves ice cream, Mickey, Nemo and is very into singing lately. If you do something he doesn’t like he might say “you not my friend today, you can be my friend tomorrow.”