Indiana with Twinsies!

We went home for a long weekend to meet our new niece and nephew who are now 7 weeks old. It was a quick trip but well worth it. Aiden loved his new cousins and traveled extremely well for our late night flights.

We spend the first couple of days with MeMe and Dzia Dzia. It snowed, so Aiden practiced catching snowflakes on his tongue. He baked a cake with MeMe and got to play with sand and water in the house! Great Granny also made the voyage down from Michigan to spend time with us while we were in town.

Then we got to meet these two cuties!


 Since this was our last trip to Indy before the spring, we celebrated Christmas at the Hamptons. Aiden helped Papaw glue together his annual hand/foot reindeer.

Aiden got to enjoy his presents,
and went for a couple of chilly 4-wheeler rides.