Gingerbread Renovations

We went to Rob and Des’ house Saturday afternoon for gingerbread house construction and decorating. It went really well! I worried Aiden’s attention span wouldn’t last. 

Then they ate their gingerbread house candy and the sugar kicked in…
Andrew and I spent last week getting the carpeted loft ready for wood flooring. Andrew did most of the carpet removal and I did a lot of staple and nail removal, plus getting the underlayment placed.

Here’s the quick before and after from my phone…
Starting the first few rows was the slowest part. We top nailed the first couple of rows and then used our manual floor nailer to get far enough out that we could put the wall bed frame back in place. 
Then we rented a pneumatic floor nailer and went to town on the rest in one day (one very long day). In that one day we also managed to put the baseboards and furniture back in place.  
While doing home renovations with a toddler, a mattress on the living room floor can provide great exercise and entertainment on a rainy day 😛