Week 1 With Oliver

 Oliver had his first visitors this week. Tom, Emily, Kelly and Matt came over Friday to hang out and bring dinner. Emily also came over Monday morning to help while Andrew and I both got to sleep. Thank you!
 I caught a sleepy smile.
 This is how gaming happens now.
And of course there’s lots of naps. 
All around we’ve had a successful week adding Oliver to the household (better than expected based on our first newborn adventures). Aiden is still going to daycare, and that has been good for him and us. The 3 day holiday weekend was a bit exhausting with a 5 day old and 3 year old, but Andrew and my mom worked hard to keep him entertained and busy, playing at the mall and the Giggle Jungle plus getting ice cream. Aiden still really likes his little brother, especially rubbing his head and giving him kisses. He likes to ask what Oliver can and can’t do because he’s little and pointing out all the things Oliver is using that Aiden also used when he was a baby. I’m glad he’s happily sharing his old baby stuff (for now). Despite my previous experience, breastfeeding is proving to be a challenge again. While I know what I am doing (sort of) this new little human still has to learn what a good latch is. Friday night I had chills that made my whole body hurt and 101.8 fever which ended up being mastitis, so we were calling the midwives and at 1am Andrew was running to the pharmacy so I could start an antibiotic immediately. On a positive note, this means an over supply of milk (yay!). My mom being here has made such a difference in this experience! Andrew and I can’t thank her enough for taking time off work and being away from home for so long. We’ve been able to enjoy time alone which would typically be unheard of with a newborn. We’re getting extra sleep and naps and Aiden is not attention deprived in any way, plus there’s food in the house. We also appreciate that she’s managed to stay on East Coast time while being here, so she takes the very early morning shift with a baby that only wants to sleep while being held or doesn’t want to sleep. Andrew covers the very late night hours. I sleep in about 2 to 3 hour increments between feedings throughout the night.