Week 2 With Oliver

Aiden and Oliver have gotten a few gifts in the mail. 
Andrew and I took Aiden out for frozen yogurt and picked up burgers on the way home while MeMe and Oliver enjoyed some peace and quiet together at home. The conversation between Andrew and Aiden in the car, it’s funny how a toddler mind works sometimes: 
Andrew: Do you want to get hamburgers and hot dogs? 
Aiden: Yeah!
Andrew: Okay, we’ll get Five Guys and take it home with us.
(pickup food and driving home)
Aiden: Daddy, are we taking Five Guys home with us?
Andrew: Yeah
Aiden: Where are they? 
Andrew and I were able to go out and see The Book of Mormon at the Paramount with a few friends this weekend. It was hilarious!
Before pretending to fall asleep on the couch Aiden informed us “this police man need a nap cuz he put so many persons in jail”.
We’ve still been doing well. Oliver went to the doctor today and weighed in above birth weight, which is great. I’ve recovered from mastitis so breastfeeding has improved, and we’ve been able to get out of the house here and there. Sleep is still about the same (2-3 hours at a time) but with the extra help I’m able to get a reasonable total amount. I’m not feeling the baby blues nearly as much as I did with Aiden and I’m grateful for that. We’ve been counting down the days until Dzia Dzia arrives and we get to pick him up from the airport tomorrow!