Week 3 With Oliver

Dzia Dzia arrived this week!
When Oliver was yawning the other day, Aiden told me so panicked “On no, he don’t have any teeth!”
Aiden had lots of fun with Dzia Dzia and MeMe this week. He went to day care almost every day, but got picked up early for ice cream, the Giggle Jungle or bowling. 
On Saturday I dropped my parents and Aiden off at the airport to fly back to Indiana. I told Aiden to have fun on the airplanes and he said “I not gonna cry mama” which he didn’t. I however, moped about my parents leaving for the rest of the afternoon. Aiden traveled well and is having a great time at MeMe and Dzia Dzia’s. Tonight he will head to his Granny and Papo’s house. 
Andrew and I are enjoying our one-on-one baby time. Sleep is still in about 2-3 hour increments. Andrew is taking the late night shift with Oliver and then when he comes to bed Oliver is sleeping in the bassinet in our room (when he sleeps). We’ve been staying in our room in the morning until about 10 or 11 to try and get some extra rest/sleep while Oliver eats and naps. 
Unfortunately, I had a second occurrence of mastitis flare up Wednesday which turned into an abscess. Since I didn’t seem to be better by Friday I went to the midwives for a follow up, then had to go for an ultrasound, followed by a drainage (which failed after trying 3 different needle sizes, ick!) and instead they had to take tissue samples for biopsy. This ended up being quite the unexpected ordeal, plus because of the procedure I was told not to nurse on my left side for 24 hours. Luckily, we had both my parents with us for one more night. So Andrew was able to be with me through these appointments and bring Oliver while my parents had Aiden. This also meant we had extra help through the night while I had to nurse and pump. By early next week I should be getting the exact antibiotic I need to take care of this for good.