Goodbye Granny

Our family had to say our final farewell to my Granny this week. I am grateful I was able to have her in my life for almost 30 years. Not everyone gets a grandparent who gets to be so much a part their life for so long (or takes jello shots with you on New Years Eve). So many memories to cherish!
Her and my grandpa would drive down from Detroit for grandparents day at school and so many other special occasions. And when we were in Detroit they would always host birthday parties for us to celebrate with the extended family.
She hosted a wonderful wedding shower for Andrew and I in Detroit. 
She would drive down to Indy when we were in town (Gardens and Zoo) and even road tripped further with us to Dale Hollow one summer. In college she slumber partied in my dorm with my roommate and I to go see Blast! perform on campus. And although Granny wouldn’t fly, she took the train 2 days to visit our Seattle home (during the hottest days on record). Although the last few years she chose not to travel anymore, out of the blue she decided to make one more trip to Indiana while we were in town in November.
We would spend almost all of our holidays in Detroit or Oscoda. 

We would always vacation at “the cabin”. I would spend spring break or long weekends there and take friends. I was able to share her home and beach, where I’ve made so many memories (our 2010 trip). Aiden even took his first steps there. I am so glad we were able to make one more trip to Oscoda this past summer


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