Oliver in Indy (Part 1)

We made our way to Indiana with Aiden and Oliver. It was a pretty good flight with two littles I would have to say. We played at Granny and Papaw’s first. 
We had lots of fun playing with the twins!
Ali and I snuck out for some shopping while Granny took EVERYONE for a walk.
We went out for dinner and stopped to see the camels on our way home.
Aiden was so nice and patient with his cousins. 
Aiden and Homer, he was so patient…
Great Papo brought this trike up from Bedford for Aiden to use. It used to be Andrew’s. He’s just making some minor adjustments.

Aiden and Yoshi wore each other out. 

It’s a blurry, out of focus video but hilarious (until it isn’t).

Playing made everyone tired…