3 Months with Oliver

Oliver is a very easygoing baby and we mostly call him Little Brother. Aiden loves to hold him and greets him everyday after school yelling “Little Brother are you home? Are you awake!?” Oliver loves watching and listening to Aiden. 
We spend a lot of our days alone together like this and at least once a week have lunch with Andrew at work.
I got a cotton candy machine for my birthday so this happens many evenings, and Aiden made me cupcakes in bed made out of magnets.
This was one of our first grocery store outings as a family of four which then required a nap.
A little family chiropractic adjustment…
Aiden is SOOOOO curious, constant questions and not just the typical “why”. It started one morning with laundry and he as if he could put his underwear in water and I said no, it’s already clean. Then he explained “no, I need to know if it sinks or floats”. I try not to to stifle the constant curiosity and questions and this in particular made me realize he wants to see how things work. So I gave him this glass of water and we went around the house to find things that were allowed in water. Then we tested to see if they would sink or float. This included pennies. a hair tie, a water bottle valve. a cap, mickey mouse and a magnetic pen.  
I tried to find other simple and quick activities (because he doesn’t do a thing for more than 10 minutes), like sorting money.
We also started growing seeds in clear cups to watch them grow. We gave him a spray bottle so he could water them everyday. 
It took about a week to start seeing growth. When we went out of town for 2 weeks we covered them with saran wrap and came home to plants growing out of their cups. (We planted them outside and they died.)
We went to a Pi Day party and made pizza with friends, and Emily came over for dinner and we made Nutella crescent rolls. 
Oliver is a very chatty baby, so one evening I brought this balloon owl home for him to hang out with. It entertained him for 10’s of minutes… which is long for a baby.