4 Months with Oliver

Because Andrew flew home early from our Indiana trip, my mom flew back with me. It was her spring break and I’m not sure I would have survived alone. 
We also consigned my baby swing and found one just like the one we were using in Indiana. He loves it so much!

Even though it was cold Aiden really wanted to test the water at the fountains.
Oliver is starting to like his door bouncer,

and has discovered himself in the mirror.
Aiden loves to hold his little brother. It doesn’t last long, but they like each other.

Running bases at the park!

We went to a little party for our friends who are moving back to New Jersey.

Enjoying our weekend hot chocolate together and daddy snuggles.

I tried to switch Aiden seats so I could keep an eye on Oliver, but Aiden said “don’t worry he sits next to me, I take care of him”

Aiden and Oliver conversations… they are great! I think Oliver tries to keep up with Aiden’s amount of chatter. The general gist of this conversation is that Oliver wants to go outside until it’s dark.