Andrew in London

Andrew made a work trip to London for the week. 

Andrew does not take pictures of his food. But I got a text of this meal and then he went back the next night for the same thing. Shepherd’s Pie!
Back in Washington we managed to survive. 
I was very tired.
We still had lots of fun but it took ALL my energy.

Andrew and I got swings to hang under the new deck. I got them hung so we had some great new entertainment at home.

Aiden’s really into the sand box. He must be almost naked and usually makes sure to rub his head in it too.

Tom and Emily came over and made gnocchi for dinner. Even Aiden learned. So yummy!
Luckily I am still on maternity leave so I only have to manage one kiddo during the weekdays and no work. I still needed and got help from Kelly and Emily a few of the weeknights. So grateful! And then had a babysitter as well.  
We had movie night and ate popcorn in bed (on Andrew’s side of course).

We love bacon!

Upon Andrew’s departure we switch sleeping arrangements to side-car the crib to our bed. I barely remember waking up to feed him which helps the sleep deprivation. I’ve really liked this so far.
I made Aiden this water wall to play with. It’s a piece of plexi glass and I glued suction cups to PVC connectors. Then used clear PVC tubing to make different paths for Aiden to pour the water down. After Aiden played with it for one day, he asked me to build him a different one (Oy!).
A little lunch date with Kelly before her little man makes his arrival.
We made our own pizza and then of course enjoyed it picnic style on the living room floor.
Andrew came home to two boys who were very happy to see him, and an even happier mama.
We love daddy! He does so much for us.
I had been wanting to take an Indian cooking class offered by a woman in our community. After Andrew returned, this was on my calendar for the next weekend, and I felt no guilt about being gone for 4 hours. I learned to make butter chicken/paneer, chai tea, naan, jeera rice, and masala onions. Delicious! Simmi, the instructor, did a great job keeping the recipes traditional but practical for a regular meal. I’ve already done it at home twice.