The Reptile Zoo

After years of driving by The Reptile Zoo on our way to and from Stevens Pass and thinking what a totally random place, we finally went inside for a visit. We were impressed! My mom and I picked Aiden up a little early from school and headed to Monroe. Aiden skipped his nap at school (nothing unusual lately) and fell asleep in the car so we waited.
The alligator was very active and definitely the favorite. “You can’t eat us up crocodile… I scared of crocodiles.”

He wasn’t sure what to think of the albino alligator. It didn’t seen real because it was so still. 
I loved the box turtles names. Aiden told them “Turtle you have no door, how you get out. You gonna be in there forever.” He was also very interested in knowing what the reptiles ate.
It took Aiden some extra time to find this guy…
There were lots and lots of snakes, including an anaconda. 
The best snake was Rocky, the 25 year old snake we got to hold. There were no other visitors so we had our pick of hold a snake or pet and iguana. Aiden chose to hold a snake and actually did it! He even wanted it to kiss his face.
There was a two-headed turtle and tortoises with shells we could touch.