6 Months with Oliver

This is a short little update because we spent 2 weeks of June in Indiana, so most of my pictures are from that trip. I have been very slow sorting through the 700 pictures… yes, I have a problem, I know.
We love being outside and going to the pool.

We enjoyed an afternoon at Gasworks park for the 4th of July weekend. 

Family photo… the left more closely resembles real life.

Oliver is sitting up some and starting to eat more. Aiden loves that they can start to have the same things and sit together. Aiden said “He can sit next to me mama, scoot him so I can reach him.”
Spending time with my boys… (I like saying that)
I started working on Andrew’s birthday painting.
We knew Oliver was becoming a popular name but we didn’t quite realize how completely unoriginal we were. These are the top boy names by state last year.