Lightning Bugs and Little Adventures

“Where are those lightning bugs?!”
We spent time playing with Baby AJ. 
Tiny friends!
Pool party at the Proffitt’s and Aiden practiced swimming without his life jacket.
Oliver gets up on his hands and knees but doesn’t quite know what to do after that. Crawling is going happen very soon.
Dzia Dzia and Aiden both got wet at the splash pad.
Creek stomping with their portable shade, what a good MeMe.
Andrew, dad, and I went go-karting and then enjoyed a great dinner at Big Woods. Note: Giant Jenga is scary for a toddler.
MeMe and Dzia Dzia took Aiden to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum! (while Andrew and I stayed home with Oliver and rested!)
Just hanging with his Dzia Dzia.
I caught her putting the babies toes in the flowers, he loved it.
Aiden really got a grasp on biking this past week. He went out almost everyday and Dzia Dzia biked with him (mostly in circles around Aiden).