A Few Little Parties & Projects

We celebrated one of our birth class friend’s 4th birthday. 
And had a holiday get together with 6 little boys. 
Here are a few of the little projects I’ve worked on over the past several months (because I haven’t had any major house projects to work on).
I got this Jenny Lind high chair from my local Buy Nothing group. It was a bit beat up but ended up needing a lot less work than I expected. I cleaned it, applied 3 coats of wipe on poly, and replaced the buckles and straps. Done!
Because Oliver had a new chair I kept an eye out for something to get Aiden, and I found this chair at Goodwill for $6. It was in terrible shape. Chipping paint over old stain, a broken stretcher, and badly stapled/screwed/bolted together. I completely disassembled it (and used painters tape to number everything so I could put it back together the exact same way), lightly sanded it, and then primed and spray painted all the pieces separately before glueing it back together. Aiden picked the colors. I also applied a spray on clear coat to hopefully protect the paint job.
This small table was also a Goodwill find that would work perfectly next to our recliner. This I completely stripped to re-stain. It’s tedious and I don’t usually like doing it. Once done I realized the top was in really great shape compared to the legs, so I ended up only refinishing the top and painting the rest white. I think this ended up looking really nice in our living room against all the wood floors. 
I decided to build a new work bench. When we would go to do a project it was hard to drag everything out and put it away efficiently, plus we don’t have a lot of storage space. Locking wheels, and a workbench that functions for use and storage is what I went for.
And I painted it because why not.