Everyday Life with Littles

Hugging turtles!
Aiden painting at school with his friends and Mr. Roger.
Happy boys!
Just some weekend lounging…
Just some weekend house work in the crawl space…
Life with 2 is more fun than I expected. It’s still really hard, but definitely better than what I’d stressed over and built up in my head. 
I recently quit my job at Responsys. The Oracle acquisition came with no perks, in fact, they regularly took away perks. Good employees were departing weekly, internal tools and gaining new business were impossible, and there were no signs of raises after 2 years of nothing. 
The commute, trying to manage home life and a full time job, struggling with postpartum depression, sleep deprivation… then the job and team I loved at work fell apart. It wasn’t worth it. It was time to go. And it’s made such a difference for our whole family. 
I ended up quickly finding new work, working from home, doing exactly what I was doing at Responsys (with some of the same people!).