Winter With a 4 and 1 Year Old

This is everyday life in mostly blurry phone pictures with some videos down as the bottom.

They are really starting to play together and Oliver follows Aiden everywhere.

When daddy works late we go to Mod Pizza for dinner. Aiden’s topping choice today, sausage and corn, and Oliver only eats toppings. 

I cooked dinner and Aiden told me he didn’t like any of it. I said he could eat what I made or make his own dinner. He made his own dinner.

Learning to us a fork to eat African Peanut Stew made by a neighbor.

Playing with a duck and dinosaur at library story time… “this duck is getting eaten by this dino, oh no, don’t worry this duck tied the dino up.”

Aiden will disappear and then come back in Andrew’s clothes stating “I’m daddy.” This is my favorite because he even got Andrew’s gaming headphone to put on.
Learning words (and what they mean)!

  We played with Harper and Blakely. They’re crazy together, and self-entertained!

Oliver loves to put the gems in Aiden’s gem jar. He’ll sit and do this for 20 minutes. Aiden says “Ah ha, we know a pirate. Mom, did you know we know a pirate? I forgot about Captain Hook.”

Indoor entertainment…