Outside, All The Time

It seems like we’ve been outside constantly.
We met up with Tom and Emily at Maple Leaf Park before going back to their place for dinner.

Slip n’ Slide at Rambo and Axel’s house, followed by grilling and s’mores.
Oli’s climbing skills surprised us, he went right up after Aiden at the neighborhood playground.
Splashing in the fountains at Redmond Town Center.
They played in the sandbox without parental interference, just happily played together. I spied from the kitchen. It was lovely.
Aiden used gems to skip nap time and go to Grasslawn park with me. He did a lot of climbing. Then sat down in the middle of the park and admitted to being very tired.
Flowers and a jar of ants…
Messy babies have to eat their ice cream in the driveway.
Eating dinner on the new deck, so that when the boys are done after 2 minutes we can continue with our dinner in peace while they play on the swing.
We made pinecone bird feeders to hang on the trees outside. This project was inspired by the perfect pinecones we found outside city hall when we went to get our passports (and I forgot the checkbook so Andrew ran home while we played around outside, thanks Andrew).