Dale Hollow Lake 2017

We scored a prime shore spot and lived the boat life for 9 days. I think it was a record.

We floated, tubed, kayaked, paddle-boarded, hot-tubbed, and watched a couple storms roll by.


The kiddos always have their lifejackets on….


“We’re sun-screened and life-jacketed. Why aren’t you letting us out?”

When Oliver gives you the stink eye, you know it.

Hurricane Papo capsized Captain Aiden.

We watched a turtle come up on shore and lay it’s eggs.


Great Papo and Karen stopped by during their road trip to enjoy a day on the boat with us.


If you skip too many naps….

This the kind of picture you get of 4 littles when they’ve been forced to play in the sun and water everyday. It’s a rough life.