Summer 2017 with MeMe & Dzia Dzia

We headed off to Indiana and got this amazing view of 3 major mountains (I wish I could tell you which ones they are). This was our first direct flight from Seattle to Indy! Game changer… I can fly by myself with two little humans.


We went to Perry Crossing for outdoor movie night. And while the movie was rained out, we had lots of fun with all the other activities. The movie was Trolls so they had Troll face painting, hula hoop dancing, and goodies to pickup.

We found a snakeskin!

Dad and I went with Kathy and Thom to see Florida Georgia Line

Aiden hasn’t been into drawing much, but on this particular day he was enthralled with drawing a house for these otters. It was fun to watch as he told me about their hill surrounded by water, their swing, and the sun and the moon in the sky.

There was so much time spent playing outside.


It was HOT, so we spent lots of time in the water.

We had a surprise visit from Sarah & Brody.

We had fire pits and marshmallow roasts.


along with lightning bug hunts.

We visited the Children’s Museum where Aiden and MeMe walked the virtual tightrope.


Aiden helped make cupcakes for Meme’s birthday.


Dad, Aiden, and I watched 4th of July fireworks and glitter tattooed ourselves beforehand.

Inside, the boys play with sand, play dough, read books, and twisted Dzia Dzia’s arm into many games of chase.

We tuckered Oliver out every single day.