2 Littles Daily Entertainment

We found a grasshopper. Talk about excitement over the little things.

We keep picking blackberries and finding things to make.

The boys enjoyed some play time with Graham.


I can’t get enough of these 2 holding hands!

We tried out all the rides as we walked through the mall.

We tend to do a lot of mall wandering. There’s usually places to play, plus Andrew and I can get our caffeine fix (a weekend necessity). We also regularly visit our favorite doughnut shop where the ladies know Aiden and Oliver.

We bought an antique boat 😛

Oliver spent a very long time dumping his snack from one container to another, while Aiden built lego/magnet creations.

There’s always time for TV snuggles with daddy.

We spend lots of time outside while we can (before darkness and rain descend on us).

Aiden is giving Oliver sage leaves so they can eat them together.

Bubbles, picnicking, and general exploring…