Hanging With Meme

My mom flew home with us after our Indy visit for her fall break. I also had Lasik (PRK actually) so Andrew and MeMe got to do lots of the parenting for a few days.

We went on a pumpkin hunt one afternoon, and ended up at Keep It Simple Farm feeding their goats.


Andrew and I had a date night out with some amazing cheesecake!

We got to meet the newest addition to our framily group, baby Candace.

We had a couple of play dates with the Olmer boys.

I’ve been brewing kombucha mostly successfully. I’ve got a SCOBY hotel going and have only thrown out one or two batches. The default flavor I like to make is blueberry ginger. I’ve also done cherry (with frozen ones from a friend) that ended up being really good. Using just apple turns out with a nice cider flavor.

We did end up making it to a pumpkin patch not too far from our house that was great and crazy busy, but the weather was nice and we had fun. They had a corn maze, a tractor ride, and we got all our mini pumpkins for Aiden’s friends to paint at his birthday party.


I’m so glad we don’t rake our own leaves. This is just one day during one week. They do this several times in the fall before they’re all gone.