October Indy Visit

We flew into town for Lauren and Drew’s wedding.

This was our second time flying direct into Indy without help. Aiden was a helpful big brother and Oliver threw his toddler tantrum before we got on the plane at our gate, and luckily that was it.

We explored the Indiana State Museum with MeMe and Dzia Dzia.


We had cake for Aiden’s birthday with Aunt Sheryl and Malichai.

We got out the train and went to Beasley’s farm for popcorn, cider slushies, and pumpkins.

The boys got to play at Granny and Papo’s during the wedding and then I headed south the next day to catch up with them.


This sleeping arrangement lasted about 30 minutes before we had to get out the pack n’ play. Oliver would run out the door and look for us then run back, sit at the doorway just looking out, or follow Aiden to the bathroom.