November Nonsense

We went to Benji’s birthday party at Pump It Up.

We watch these cute video shorts on YouTube and Amazon called “Om Nom Stories” and Oliver loves them. Om Non is a creature always searching for candy.

“Om Nom, get it. Om Nom, candy, candy…”

Bracelet building…

Sharing water after playing in the McDonald’s jungle gym.

We took the crib apart and now Oliver sleeps in the trundle bed next to Aiden. They play for an hour every night before going to sleep. They wrestle, “read”, play monster, hide, etc. It’s funny to watch.

When we have a babysitter Aiden likes to wave goodbye from the tree. On this particular day his outfit was especially great, and I had to get a picture.

Aiden’s been working on his letters and numbers at school. It’s crazy to see his abilities grow so drastically. He grabbed his trains and put them on the table and told me “I got my trains so I would know how to draw them for real”.

Daddy snuggles with cotton candy and books….


Playing with all their little people things.

Oliver’s first dentist visit, he watched Aiden and cooperated beautifully and happily.

We visited Cindi and Ben for dinner at their house. They’re in a great location next to the Puget Sound and we were able to walk down to the water right before sunset. We stayed out a little past bedtime and Oliver couldn’t hang.