2017 Christmas with the Hamptons

Cookie decorating (or icing eating) with granny was a hit!

Christmas breakfast with cousins…

Aiden and Oliver each got one present early before everyone arrived.

Then we opening presents with everyone but Ali who was sadly home very sick (we all got struck by the sickness eventually, luckily it was only a 24 hour thing).

This is how we’d find the boys when we went up to bed.

Yoshi would like to come in and eat with us. Instead he rests his tongue on the glass and hopes we’ll feel bad for him.

Reading, movies, and snuggles… plus the guys being total guys.


Aiden took Granny’s Christmas present out for a test drive in the snow.

All of us adult kids got a night out to see Jeff Dunham!

We played at the Greenwood Community Center. Aiden and Graham made their way through the climbing tree. It look a little persuasion to get Graham back out.

Ali and I worked on some string art.
The guys helped with some very guided assistance from us.

This was Oliver’s first flight with his own seat! Despite paying for an additional seat we got a whole row to ourselves and the boys weren’t all over each other because I sat between them. It was a pretty pleasant flight.