2017 Christmas with the Karas’

We headed to the airport for our Christmas trip to Indiana. There a lot of wrestling before boarding our flight, and I think Oliver won.

Aiden has his first ice skating experience and loved it. He used the little walker for a while but by the end he didn’t even want to hold our hands for help.


We visited the Holliday Park Nature Center. We saw a turtle, owl, frogs, snakes, squirrels and a Woody Wood Pecker.


We also went to the Plainfield Library for story time. After reading 999 Tadpoles, the boys got to make their own pond with 999 tadpoles using dobbers. Then upstairs they had a life-size candy land game.


Sarah was in town for the first half of our trip. We managed to escape the littles and do a little painting.

Aunt Sheryl and Malachi came over to spend the day with us.


We went to the Hernandez’s for New Year’s Eve and played with “baby AJ”. We brought her one our favorite toys as a gift, magna-tiles. Aiden and AJ built with magnets while this other little monster hovered happily around the food table.

The boys got to open one present and their Christmas stockings before Christmas.

We had our whole family Christmas on Christmas eve. Aiden was very patient pacing himself with Oliver’s gift opening speed.

Sharing snacks and playing together…


We snuck out with dad one evening to get drinks while MeMe and the little went to bed.


After Sarah headed back to Philadelphia, Andrew and I started on Mom and Dad’s Christmas present. Andrew’s getting ready to start cutting and double checking my measurements. We got super lucky that the tile did not need any horizontal cuts.

We got to the end and were short 2 little tiles and had to make a run to the store before we could finish up.

Here’s the finished project (it took us roughly 2 half days). We also added under-cabinet LEDs.


This is myself around Oliver’s age. I was comparing with pictures at my parents house. I’d say he has my looks and Andrew’s personality.