A Pacifica Adventure

I had a chance to make a quick trip to Pacifica, CA to attend a client meeting and dinner with Lyla. This was my “office” view for a couple of days. I’ve seen this infamous view on facebook so many times, and it was obviously so much better in person. I also enjoyed dinner, wine, coloring and being educated on many Pokemon with her family.

My first morning there we walked the ocean front and up a bit of a hill that jutted out to give a really nice 360 view of Pacifica.


Listening to the huge ocean waves was so relaxing. I specifically noticed the sound of the  sand/rocks as the waves fell away. It was like a listening to a giant rain stick.

The views on my flight home weren’t too bad either. I love seeing the trail of mountains in the distance when it’s super clear. We did however have to attempt the landing in Seattle twice because of “traffic in the runway.”