The Elves & The Toymakers

I took Aiden and Rambo on a “big brother” outing to see a musical play, The Elves & The Toymakers. StoryBook Theater does a series of these kids’ plays that are about an hour long with Q&A afterwards, and they’ll autograph your program. They also allow you to bring your own snacks, so we had popcorn, mini cookies, and sparkling apple juice.

This is how Aiden takes pictures right now. I hope it’s a short phase.

In the story the elves are secretly trying to help the toymakers make all the toys they need for the children. The toymakers at one point “hid” in the audience to see who was helping them and Mr. Toymaker sat right next to Rambo. He thought it was so funny. We also brought a toy donation and during they play the elves asked for audience help and you could bring your toy up to the stage. Luckily Rambo was willing to do this because Aiden was way to shy to go up there. I think they each really enjoyed it, but Aiden in a quieter way. Rambo participated 100%. He talked to the actors afterwards, asked a question during the Q&A (how does the magic happen?), and even followed along with all the singing and audience responses.


We went out for noodles and egg drop soup afterwards before heading home. They shared a chopstick clip I happened to have in my purse, so they could each practice using their chopsticks.