Keeping Entertained in January

We’re back home with a holiday hangover from our travels and being with family on a regular basis. Now it’s back to the rain and entertaining ourselves indoors. Lately that has involved a lot of dress up. They’re in costume on the toilet or in the rain. And if they aren’t dressed-up they’ve got Spiderman close by.



We’ve had time to catch up with our Seattle framily at a taco party and brunch.

Of course, we’ve spent a few afternoons at Giggle Jungle (in our pjs).

I completed my first and only knitted sweater. I will never do it again. I started this two years ago and there wasn’t anything overly challenging about it. The instructions I got were easy to follow, but I started it back when I was riding the bus so it was easy to work on every single day. Then I stopped riding the bus (and stopped knitting as much). So yeah, I’m going to keep to small projects. Luckily, I knitted it WAY too big and it fits Aiden now, and he’s very excited about it.

Daddy makes a good tickle monster and pillow.


I think this is my favorite artwork to come from school lately, and he loves practicing his letters. He challenges us by writing a bunch of letters and then asking what he spelled, so I try to sound out the random gibberish for him.

We got to celebrate Max’s 5th Birthday at his Science Party. Kathryn had 8 experiment stations, themed food, and science outfits for every kid. It was picture perfect and fun!

A 3-deer-spotting in the backyard.