Sushi, DIY, Carl, and Baby Jack

I flew to Sacramento for the weekend to visit Casey (and Nelson). I flew alone which meant watching my own movies/tv and knitting the whole flight. Then I stepped off the plane into sunny 70 degree weather in January.

Casey picked me up from the airport and we headed straight to lunch where we toasted the start of our weekend together and gorged ourselves on sushi.


I got to meet Carl and his baby, Jack. Both of whom I was very nervous to meet because what if they didn’t like me instantly and I was only there for a short time. Would Carl bark at me all weekend, and Jack cry every time I looked at him? Turns out, I didn’t even have to use the dog treats I brought on either of them. They were both immediately my BFFs. Carl did destroy the toy I brought him within 24 hours but I’ll take that as a compliment. Jack only got clothes but he still let me hang out with him.

I think maybe I’d been at the house about 2 hours and after getting the tour we decidedly we could definitely, absolutely paint their guest bath vanity before I left on Sunday. We also replaced the faucet and re-grouted the tile countertop. We did all this while Nelson golfed, we had a Saturday ladies’ night out, and we fit in a little shopping (beside our many Home Depot trips). It was a great little mini getaway weekend!

Hopefully Nelson didn’t mind the madness I may have instigated at their house 😛