February Activities

We went to Snoqualmie Pass for snow tubing. It was fun, but we got rained on. It got cold fast.

The boys got surprise plates, a movie, and a slumber party in our room. Surprise plates are when I find samples of random goodies throughout the kitchen and give them to the boys. They don’t get to make requests or know what they’re getting. It’s also how I go through leftovers in the kitchen.

Some mornings we get donuts then run errands at the grocery.

Other mornings, we get donuts and then visit Andrew’s office. Oliver was not at all scared of the giant figures and kept saying “this my frand”.


One of Andrew’s co-workers saw Oliver’s photo with Atriox and was nice enough to add a more authentic background.

Aiden met his first goal in speech therapy and got to pick a prize.

These two boys have fun together! Oliver wants to do everything Aiden does. He will not be left out for being little, and Aiden loves teaching Oliver how to do all the things.

Sometimes, it’s soooo easy to please a 5 year old. I pick Aiden up early from daycare on speech days so he gets to go home and do things without Oliver. One of his favorite things is to “take a bath up to his shoulders”.

Ishrat, Arshan, and I have been doing a lot of string art.