April with Brody

My sister was in China for a 2-week work trip, so Brody was our houseguest for a good portion of the month.

The boys loved it, and I while I love his snuggles we won’t be getting a dog of our own.

Sarah returned with exciting treasures like candy, sake, and chopsticks.

While she was with us the boys got to slumber party in our room.

We got treats at Lady Yum and a brewery with Sarah and Tobin before she headed back to the east coast.

Ishrat and I attended a paint pouring “make and take” at Ben Franklin. It was fun and we spent $7 and 30 minutes to see what this latest Pinterest craft was all about. They do several of different projects a month and I love going because I don’t have to overbuy a bunch of supplies to try something new.

I’ve been attending a sketch Meetup started by my friend and neighbor, Emily. It’s been a good way to force myself (in a fun way) to practice on a more regular basis. Aiden and I went for bubble tea and had our own sketching session.

We had an impromptu hangout morning with Graham and Candace.

Plus just some random photos from everyday life…