Sauvie Island Weekend

Aiden and I made a quick overnight trip down to Portland and Sauvie Island to see Sarah and Tobin.

Aiden practiced his fire building skills with Aunt Sarah, we caught frogs

We headed to the farmers’ market and ate all the yummy food. Aiden happily spent most his time being pulled around in the wagon eating strawberries.


We ate and wandered our way through Portland. At Harlow, where we had golden milk and vegan mac and cheese, Aiden practiced using my camera.



I snapped a few of him with my phone (left), and his photo on the right.


We wandered through shops before our next stop at a donut shop where we got a variety of mini donuts and a flight of chai tea. Aiden also picked a book from the “free little library”.



We were going to swim in the river, but it was too flooded this weekend to get to a good access point. Instead we cooked farmers market hot dogs on the grill and Aiden got his hair done and kept it that way for 3 days!