A New House

We made the decision to do a big thing. We’re moving back to Indiana.

We’ve been talking about it for a year, and we’d really like to be closer to our families. I’m already working from home, and Andrew’s position has allowed him to make the transition to work from home. We’ve been casually looking at houses during some of our visits, and started to seriously look during our Christmas visit. We expected to see houses we like but not feel pressure to buy anything just yet, but one house made an impression.

It was the last house on my saved list, the largest (which I was interested in smaller), and at the top of our price range. Nothing in the photos jumped out at me, but I saved it to our list because the price per square foot was really low (a weird way I sometimes sort house listing because it could indicate a good investment). When our realtor asked to schedule a time to see it, the owners said they were in the midst of moving out and didn’t want anyone seeing it that day or the next. Okay, we took that as a sign. It wasn’t meant to be. But two days later we checked in again and were able get a showing. We were instantly excited.

It’s in a small neighborhood of 25 houses, surrounded by trees, which was no common where we were looking. The lot is mostly wooded with a creek running through the backyard and slightly larger than the average neighborhood lots we saw. This meant privacy between houses. The extra square footage meant plenty of room for 2 of us working from home and 2 kids growing and running wild. It needs updating but it’s in great condition, and over time we’ll be able to put our own stamp on it.

We put in an offer, going back and forth with the owners a handful of times. They accepted, Andrew flew back to Washington for work, and I rescheduled my flight with the kids so we could get an inspection done while one of us was in town. We planned to fly back to Indy for a long weekend to close our new home February 15th 2019. It was a whirlwind.