Selling Our House

We had everything set to list our house, and we planned the timing with out realtors so we’d be in Indiana (closing on our new house) for the first 4 days on the market. And then it snowed… and iced… and snowed some more. We listened to trees and tree branches snap throughout the night. The woods are full of trees 60-80 feet tall and very close many of our houses.

We woke up the next morning to a winter wonderland with trees across several of our neighborhood streets, and piles of branches everywhere. You can see my 12 inch ruler in our driveway. In the last picture we’re attempting to get out of our driveway and and up the hill to the airport. I think we left 4 hours early.

We were snowed in for the next several days sledding and hanging out with our neighbors. We got to a point where almost everyone on the street was working to dig a lane up and out of the neighborhood.

After 2 weeks, we were able to list our house on a Friday without fear that visitors might end up trapped at the bottom of our icy hill. We found a nearby hotel with a pool and spent our weekend there, and by the following weekend we had 2 offers and accepted one with no contingencies (We had a pre-inspection, and the buyer had an inspection done before sending an offer).