A One-Way, Cross Country Drive

We rented a 26 foot truck to drive ourselves, our stuff, and my car to Indiana. We shipped Andrew’s car to his parent’s house two weeks ahead of time. We spent several weeks planning to hire a moving service. Despite the extra cost, we thought this would be worth it to take tasks off our plate. But we couldn’t find good recommendations from anyone we knew and the online reviews were nothing but nightmare scenarios. Our move in 2009 with a full service moving company also did not go well. They didn’t show on our packing day, they didn’t show on our delivery day, and they damaged several large pieces of furniture. We had the realization that we had other options, and both felt a lot less stress once we made the choice to rent a truck and drive. We hire movers to help us load the truck in Washington and unload in Indiana.

We left our empty house and began our 2,224 mile journey on March 26 after breakfast at Blazin’ Bagels and loading up the truck (It barely all fit).

We were slightly delayed going door-to-door around our court and up the street looking for the owner of the car who parked in front of our car trailer…. unsuccessfully. Andrew backed the truck in diagonally on a hill to hook up the trailer.

We spent 3 nights in hotels, had some great scenery, listened to audio books, went to bed early, and ate continental breakfasts and diner food. We crossed into Indiana on March 29 and arrived at our new house at about 9pm.