Let the major renovations begin…

Lately I have been itching to start another house project and with Andrew’s current free time we decided to take on one of our most intimidating projects. Two days ago Andrew started removing the tiled wall of our master bathroom tub while I was at work. We’re hoping to divide and conquer by starting with the shower/tub.

This is the “before” photo. It’s not a fully functioning shower, just a gigantic tub that our water heater cannot keep up with. We have a shower head attached to the spout and mounted on the wall.

Day 1, about 3 hours in I think, this is what I came home to…

End of Day 1 (after we cleaned up)

Day 2, the tub is free, Andrew is happy!

… And I helped

End of day 2, plumbing disassembled, electric disconnected, and the tub is out in one piece!

The hideous tub currently living on our back porch…

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